Welcome back to Cole Harbour District High School!

Due to the ongoing renovations students will NOT have access to cafeteria services and are to bring their own lunch to school.

Skill Trades at CHDHS

The Skill Trades School is up and running at Cole Harbour District High School.

12 09 2014 - Skills Trades

The journey has begun!

New Gym

06 09 2014 - Gymphoto 1


New Faces

06 09 2014 Students


New Opportunities

06 09 2014 SC

CHDHS Student Calendar

Here is your CHDHS Student Calendar for 2014-2015

Welcome Back to CHDHS!

 Classes have begun and attendance toward exemption is being recorded each class. 

Students are reminded that during study blocks they may work in the library or they may leave property, but they are not permitted to loiter in the hallways or on property outside.

Student fees are rolling in and we will continue to collect over the next week. (The fee is $50.00 per student or $60.00 per family.) 

 Student parking will be at Cole Harbour Place in the indicated areas. Parking permits are being distributed over the next week. Students are encouraged to get involved in the many extra-curricular activities that have already been announced...sports, musical, robotics, debate, etc..."

 Thursday Sept. 4 2014


7:50 – 8:15

All students to the gymnasium

 8:20  - 10:25


Day A    First class       (P1)

10:30 - 11:05


Day B    First class       (P4)

11:10 – 11:45

First lunch OR…

Day B    Second Class  (P1)

11:50 – 12:25

Second lunch OR…

Day B    Second Class  (P1)



Day B    Third class      (P2)



Day B    Forth class      (P3)

Track Champs!!

30 05 2014 - Track

Host Families Needed

nsispHost families needed for international students in the fall.


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