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CAVS Shovel Out

The elderly who live in the residence were partial trapped because of the snow conitions.  These heros Ryan Sanderson, Daniel Harris-Sampson, Zack Skerry, Colton Jardine, and Nathan Peoples jumped at the chance to make someone elses life a little bit better.  This is what it means to be a Cavalier. Well Done fellas!!

03 03 2015-IMG 3896

 03 03 2015-IMG 3899

CHDHS Leadership

Mr. MacDonald's leadership group recently travelled to Bissett Road Elementary to run the Arctic Games! Here are some photos from the event.

IMG 2114

IMG 2117


IB Physics

Mr. Jean's IB Physics students make the best of a cold day! With the -31 windchill they were successful able to turn boiling water into instant ice shown in these photos.

20150224 102405 1

20150224 102433 5

Jam on!

Students at CHDHS create homemade cookies and jam to celebrate Valentine's Day! Great work to Ms. Hattie's group and the students in the learning center for the wonderful treats!

IMG 0528

CAVS Girls Basketball

CAVS photographers caught Ms. Kerr sneaking in a little Pre-calculus mathematics help at yesterdays Auburn vs. CHDHS game.

11 02 2015 - IMG 0370

Host Families Needed

nsispHost families needed for international students in the fall.


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