Science Web Search Exercise

1.    I need lesson plans on acid rain for high school. Use Altavista

2.    We want some information on the periodic table. Use Northern Light

3.    I want to find information on dinosaur bones in Nova Scotia. Use Debriefing meta searcher

4.    I want some chemistry webquests. Use Google
Note: Google doesn't use +.

5.    What is constructivism in education? Use Dogpile metasearcher

6.    I want to integrate technology into my chemistry lessons, how can I find some examples for grade 10. Use Excite

7.    I need some information about global warming and I must have a picture. Use HotBot - try the advanced search

8.    I'd like to find ozone depletion. Use Research Student Advantage

9.    Where can I find a picture of a chromosome? Check these links -

10.           I want to find some information on SI units of measurement. Use a search engine you haven't tried yet.

11.           (Bonus pts) I'm looking for the poem that has the phrase "Nothing gold can stay" - I remember reading it and would like a copy of the poem. Use Altavista Advanced